HELP: You should read help at least once (Opens in a new window or tab).
Set To A - Easy Sudoku: Medium Sudoku: Hard Sudoku: Challenger Sudoku: Wicked Sudoku:Select a example puzzle.

CLEAR GAME:To be use to start a new game! Saved base and saved game is also cleared!

Save Base Numbers: Check this after entering a sudoku puzzle.
Save Current Play Numbers: Check this when you are not sure of what you are going to select next.

No Scratch Pad:User Scratch Pad:Set User Scratch Pad to Auto Scratch Pad:Auto Scratch Pad:

Obvious Off:Help (one cell) for an Obvious:Obvious from Previous Obvious:
NOTE: The obvious results (see help) will show up in green. You should look to see why the choice was obvious! (Obvious from Previous Obvious will solve Easy & Medium games! The Hard, Chalenger and Wicked can be solved with one lucky guess or a lot of thinking.)

Submit uses GREEN values: Submit ignores GREEN values: