Notice the "REPLACE DO NOT REPAIR" sticker.  Chevrolet parts wanted $141.00 so I decided to take a peek at the insides.  I took a screw driver and placed it in the bottom next to the catches and pried out & up. The bottom is sealed with black sticky stuff so it is a little hard to pry up.  pic1

I looked over the board and noticed a burn spot on the clear plastic cover that is over the breaker points in the middle of the board.  I took a small screw driver and pried the catch out so I could pull the plastic cap off.  The wire had burnt through the insulation and shorted out against the metal top.  I trimmed the wires and I took a dremel tool and ground in the top to make more room for the wires. I also beveled it  to remove the sharp edges.  If  you wish, you could file it. pic2

I took the spring off of the top and removed the points.  They were fine so I put it back.  I could not unsolder the wire as I could not get to the second pin in.  I soldered in a piece of telephone wire which appeared to be the same thickness. pic3

And then I shrink wrapped it. pic4

Don't forget to put the shrink wrap on before you make the second solder joint. pic5

Notice that I left extra wire. pic6

Next I bent the wire into an S shape before replacing the plastic cap. pic7

I put it back together and it is back in my ZR1 and now my headlights work.  No more winker.