ZR1's - Classic & Fast Cars
The ZR-1 broke the 24 hour endurance record averaging over 180 on the track and over 175 with pitstops. It also broke the 5000 km and 5000 mi records at the same time.
The engine was designed by Lotus Engineering and was build by Evinrude Motors for Chevrolet. It is a 32 Valve 4 overhead cam engine with 16 injectors and 16 air intakes.
For more information, see http://www.zr1netregistry.com
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2006 ZR-1 NET Registry Las Vegas West Gathering / Mile Shootout - Dial-Up is not recommended
Pictures by Kay Blanchard
Pictures by Yffy (original size have been reduced to max of 3.1 MP for this site)

My 1990 ZR1's
A pair of ZR1's - What every driveway needs
pic1   pic2  pic3  pic4 - Power
1990 ZR1 -  This is my ZR1 - Stock.
1990 ZR1  - This was my son Wells' Corvette, now mine. 500+HP.
a ZR1 Belt Buckle - I made this belt buckle - The technique is call channel work and it is filled with slabs of black jade, windows are obsidian
Speed check
My 1958 Corvette, 1963 Corvette and others
1958 Corvette - My 58 Corvette - 290 HP FI, 4 speed & 456 Posi
1963 Corvette -  My 63 Corvette - 300 HP Red/Red Roadster
Previous cars (except 58) - 1956 Chevrolet convertible, 46 ford, 51 Hudson, 52 Hudson, 71 Nova/400ci.
Pictures - Petersen Auto Museum, 58 Corvette Restoration and Jan Berry of Jan and Dean with the 58 Corvette by Kay and Jim Blanchard
ZR-1 Useful Information
Replacing a window motor
Replacing a heater core
Headlight Motor Bushings - making new bushings
Headlight Control Module - repairing
Replacing the PCV valve formed rubber hose - with copper pipe fittings
Fixing a Vacuum Pump
Replacing the tanks on the side of a Radiator
1958 Corvette Useful Information
Fixing a gas leak on a 58 FI
Fixing a 58 FI that will not start

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